Friday 20 October 2017 Issue No. 2258


 Clachan can be Ours!!


It’s been a long time coming but at last we can get things going and bring the old parish church of Clachan into the hands of our community.

The General Trustees of the Church of Scotland in Edinburgh are kindly giving our locally formed charitable Trust [Clachan Lochbroom Heritage Trust SCIO number 047544] the chance to buy Clachan. If we can raise the purchase price within two months then that is it – Clachan will belong to the Trust and there will be no danger of the building being made “a safe ruin” nor of being used inappropriately. What a relief and what an opportunity!

We all know why we want Clachan preserved for community use. As a church, of course, and then for so many other reasons. It is the oldest continuously used site in the district, and for many miles around. It is even better than Ardvreck Castle [no disrespect!] in that we can use it for concerts, history exhibits, arts and craft displays....

The whole community will derive a huge benefit from owning this wonderful historic building at Clachan.

So what’s the next step?

This first notice is to let everyone locally know the position and invite donations from within our own community. The Trust’s bank account opened on Friday at the Royal Bank of Scotland in Ullapool. This means that donations can now be made [by direct transfer, cheques and cash to sort code 83 28 01, account name Clachan Lochbroom Heritage Trust, number 00128109]. The Trust’s official address is 26 Argyle Street.

Other means of contacting the Trust and making donations will be made available shortly, together with more information.

The steering group which started this project are excited and confident that Lochbroom will succeed with this project. We look forward to your response.

Clachan Lochbroom Heritage Trust

[Office holders: S Mackenzie, J Reid, R Dutton, L Spenceley]