Friday 15 December 2017 Issue No. 2266


Sad face


This week we said a fond farewell to Chris Brotherston as she moves on to a new life further south. To say she will be much missed is an understatement.  Having lived in this area - at Inverpolly, Achnahaird and in Ullapool - for almost 40 years and having raised her family here, she is a familiar face to many people.

Although she has held a number of jobs, Chris is probably best known for her work in Community Education and as one of the original Macphail Centre Co-ordinators until her retirement last year, and, of course, as editor of the Ullapool News.  She has also been involved in a number of voluntary projects, often behind the scenes.

Chris’ ability to listen to and support means she has touched many lives, both in a professional capacity and as a friend and colleague.  Not afraid to speak out on matters she feels strongly about, Chris is articulate but self-deprecating and it is very typical of her that she was adamant that there should not be a big leaving “do”!

Chris has been a member of the team at the Ullapool News since soon after her arrival in Ullapool in the late 1980s, taking over from Pamela Davey. She has seen the paper through from the old days of largely working fromhome with paper spread across the kitchen table to our mostly  digital system today. She has often said that no-one is irreplaceable but she will be greatly missed!

UN Team