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DEADLINE for all submissions:

POST or DELIVER BY HAND items for publication to
Ullapool News Office, Village Hall, Market Street, Ullapool IV26 2XE


TELEPHONE: 01854 613334.

If you want to leave a message on our voicemail please remember to speak slowly and clearly, particularly when using a mobile phone, and always leave a contact telephone number so we can get back to you with any queries.

The Ullapool News reserves the right to edit items for publication.

Name and address must be supplied but may be withheld from publication by request.

Contributed letters and articles printed in the Ullapool News do not necessarily reflect the views of the Ullapool News Team.

  • Diary entries for events
  • What’s On Lineage
  • Church Services
  • Free/For Sale (not businesses)
  • Wanted
  • Pets/Livestock
  • Accommodation wanted
  • Planning Applications
  • Birthdays/weddings/anniversaries/congratulations (up to quarter A4 size)
  • Thanks/Acknowledgements/In Memoriam/Deaths.
  • Lost and Found
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Reports, Minutes of meetings AND MUCH more
Free of charge
  • Situations Vacant
  • Property for Sale/To Let
  • Property Wanted
  • What’s On
£10.00 + £2.00 VAT = £12.009cm x 5cm
Box Number£4.00
A4 full page£30.00 + £6.00 VAT = £36.00
Half page£20.00 + £4.00 VAT = £24.00
Quarter page£10.00 + £2.00 VAT = £12.00
Eighth page£5.00 + £1.00 VAT = £6.00
Minimum charge
(4 lines)
£3.50 + £0.70 VAT = £4.20
  • Please supply ready to print adverts. (Note: we print in black and white only.)
  • Any requirement for artwork may attract a further charge of £10.00.
  • Any concessionary rates at the discretion of the Ullapool News Team.

The Ullapool News is printed on paper from sustainable wood forest and is recyclable.